Picture Yourself here

Idyllic — but there’s something missing..

You are a holiday vendor with some great deals, beautiful locations and a winning way with the locals.
All you need to do is email this information with some nice landscapes and seascapes to the punters and the holidays will zip off the shelves with ease. Right? Wrong.

Who are your best salespeople? Your internal salesforce? Wrong again.

The people who will be listened to and their advice acted upon are your existing customers. The same people who take great photographs and write fantastic testimonials about their time at one of your top resorts.
Without prompting, with no effort on your part and no expensive photography or marketing bills, dynamic marketing content is being generated every day by your brand’s best ambassadors. Your customers.

I think they liked the holiday!

We call this User Generated Content (UGC)

Consider this:
• UGC is 20% more influential on purchasing decisions than any other 
 form of media
• Click Through Rates go up by 500% when UGC is leveraged in ads
• Conversions go up 10% when UGC is part of the purchasing path
• Customers spend up to 90% more time on a site when there is UGC on it

The best combination of UGC is visual and written combined. You know the kind of thing — ‘this is me with the Taj Mahal in the background pretending to be a minor royal.’

Remind you of anyone?!
Goa on — take a selfie!

Create a hashtag to encapsulate that great holiday experience and then set it loose — the content will start to coagulate around it and your online gallery or social media stream will follow packed full of unarguable reasons why your travel company is the one with the winning ticket.
The resulting gallery or social stream will act as a 24 hour a day unpaid, impartial and totally convincing sales agent for your holiday product, untainted by special interest, marketing budget or bias.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a gallery..

Incorporating a Twitter or Facebook feed into your website’s integral design is a convincing and dynamic way of demonstrating success, creating appetite amongst your customers — and great for the content creators. A reward for any content used is another way of thanking people for taking the trouble to say how good you are!
You increase sales — and you get people to spend more dwell time on your site. Hooray! You’re ahead all the way to the bottom line.

He really belongs on your site — doesn’t he?

A Matter of Opinion

Another way of achieving this is to set up a simple poll online asking your customers for their views or takes on the packages you want to promote.

People love being asked for their opinion — especially when there’s some kind of reward at the end of it.

People love to be asked..

Or maybe a prize for the most unusual beach shot…or the most amusing selfie…or the most imaginative way in which your brand is incorporated into the picture. Provide the opportunity to hashtag and share on social media. Start the conversation or as we like to say, sit around the campfire and tell your story..

UGC? It’s a no-brainer..

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