Welcome back.
Here’s what you missed: Somehow I Manage. dot. dot. dot. — by Robert California

When I started the SOMEHOW I MANAGE series it was because Michael Scott really influenced me in my career and in the business world and at times, my personal life. I wanted to capture those thoughts in writing.
This time around i wanted to focus on another business character that REALLY affected my views and guiding philosophies both in the business world and in life.

As in my original post that started this series (which i am turning into a book soon), i will review the character arc of Mr. California chronologically as it was portrayed to us — the viewers, while offering additional perspectives and connecting it all to my and our lives. …


RET2082 [Roy Tertman]

Husband 👫 Father👨‍👧 Tech Entrepreneur 👨🏻‍💻 Star Wars model builder 🚀 past Pro Aggressive Blader ☠ Aspiring sneakerhead 👟 What? → RET2082.com

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