Project managers can arrive at realistic (most likely) dates by using their own and significant…
Russel Fernandes

So the correction would be: “Clueless and unskilled project managers (PMs) are deadline chasers.” — Agree. But Ben Cheng, Rick Mak and I are all technical founders. One of the reasons we have problems finding PMs is because many (at least in Hong Kong) may not have technical experience and are willing to work more a startup-like environment as opposed to a stable, high paying job in the corporate sector.

Most of our PM teams have technical experience, but it is also important to remember that even experienced developers may not fully understand the technical details and complexity without actually beginning implementation. For example, we could be using an open source library that should do a job well, but in fact we have to fix a bug before getting an issue closed.

For us, it’s about finding PMs that have technical experience and knowledge while also being understanding that estimations on delivery is still kind of probability.

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