4 Simple Tips to Maintain Curly Hair

Curls have the reputation of being one the most difficult hair types to manage, and demand regular care. Although the market is awash with countless professional curly hair products, with a promise to make your locks more manageable than ever, including some DIY tips in your daily hair care routine would magnify the effort. Continuing our discussion, here are some DIY tips to sport a ‘good-curly-hair-day’, everyday.

1. Pay Attention to How you Comb

Curly hair is dry, brittle, and one of the most fragile type on the block. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Start combing at the bottom to detangle each knot with ease, rather than compounding all towards the bottom and forcing your way through with a comb. Lastly, to avoid shedding your hair every time you comb your curls, include more of finger-combing than using wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

2. Trim Regularly to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends don’t look good and can make your hair look frizzy. If you want your curls to look fresh and bouncy, get a quick trim by your hairstylist or do it yourself at home, after every six to eight weeks. While some hair stylists prefer wet or dry cutting, others prefer to blow dry curls to make them straight and then trim to get the desired results. You need to be careful when choosing a professional hair care for you.

3. Try Product ‘Cocktailing’

Product cocktailing in hair care regime, simply means mixing two or more products together according to specific hair/styling needs. You can, for instance, mix smoothing serum and mousse or coconut oil and styling gel to achieve gorgeous looking curls. Suck cocktail of hair care products enables you to hold hair properly without leaving your hair dry or crunchy.

4. Apply Conditioning Treatment to Ends

When you hair look dry and frizzy, don’t commit a mistake of weighing down your hair by using tons of professional hair care products. Instead, use fingertips to apply a small amount of oil or styling cream to ends that gives an instant bounce and locks-in moisture.

Last Few Words

If you don’t want to lose the natural bounce of your curly tresses, include these tips in your daily hair care routine. Additionally, look for professional curly hair products infused with the goodness of natural oils, such as Macadamia or argan oil. Using natural oil ensure that your hair gets the desired amount of nourishment. Last but not the least, talk to your hair stylist for professional haircare for you or more DIY tips to manage your locks at home.

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