Rozeta Alite Loves Traveling And Interacting With People Of Different Cultures

Rozeta Alite is a perpetual globetrotter who has traveled round the world and touched almost seven continents. An offbeat traveler who has a tryst to find hidden destinations and lesser known places which are not found on any map. She shares her travels without a plan to unknown destinations, having misadventures where none exist, making feeble attempts at soaking himself in the local culture and in general trying to unlearn, learn and relearn.

Rozeta Alite is one restless and wandering spirit and has gone scuba diving in Lakshadweep and trekking through Himalayas. She has successfully explored some of the off-beat destinations on wheels and has shared their memories with the traveler community. She makes most of her life by traveling around the world and possible even outside. She also loves traveling and interacting with people. It is these interactions that has encouraged her to travel and write more about the places. Fascinated by various cultures, lifestyle and traditions, she travels with a motto and truly believes that we live only once. Young or old, she has recognized that the world is full of must-see places and must-do adventures.

Rozeta Alite also been to places featured in films and also visited places inspired by photographs. Her blog ‘Travel For Life’ motivates young women who wish to be independent and take solo travels. It also has articles on long bike rides, treacherous treks, leisure holidays, backpacking vacations and engrossing train journeys. She has been to more than 20 countries across four continents and also writes for various online and offline publications.

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