Safe traveling recommendations for Black people during Covid-19

Martinique Lewis sitting on a black couch holding her book on her lap.

When author and diversity consultant Martinique Lewis visited Amsterdam years ago, she made a pivotal discovery. “Black people are in places you’d never expect,” she says. “There’s so much Black history in Amsterdam. If you go to the Red Light District, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions…

The ‘Adorned by Chi’ manga celebrates the magic in all of us

When manga genius Jacque Aye was growing up in a small Kansas town, she hid her love of anime and other “nerdy” interests because she worried they wouldn’t be accepted by her friends. But after years of suppressing who she was while also navigating microaggressions, she realized the truths that…

Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

Writer and Wanderer. Award-winning journalist and author published in USA Today, AAA Traveler, Orbitz, London Telegraph, Brides, Ebony, Thrillist, The Takeout

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