Being a Junior Developer is tough.
Matthew Kjer

ITT: compsci grad attempts to program in the real world for first time, is supprised to find that school didn’t teach him to be a programmer.

( bitter college dropout here lol. )

Sure being able to write a bubble sort algo off the top of your head is cool, but it’s about as useful as being able to recite the alphabet backwards in a foreign language.

Having a degree is awesome, you’ve taken the smart route. Your bound to make more than twice what I would at an entry-level position, but that doesn’t prepare you the real world.

But, way to stay positive! If I can offer any advice: pick a few github repos that interest you and watch their issues religiously. Maybe volenteer to do a PR once you feel comfortable Then find a site like npm addict and visit it daily, read all the code of anything that sounds interesting. That will get you exposed to the community, and to all the those “industry standards”

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