This week one of my goals has been to create more space for stillness. What is stillness? In her book Wild Courage, Elle Harrison describes Stillness as “the creative void within us — the empty space within our cells, the quantum vacuum within our own bodies”. To me, embracing Stillness just means taking a bit of time every day to reflect on whatever may be engaging my attention.

By creating more space for stillness I’m hoping first of all to acknowledge my talents and the capacity they give me to help people. I need to embrace the fact that every moment of what Matt Trinetti calls the “in between” offers myriad small opportunities to make meaningful changes in our lives and in the lives of others.

Some friends and I did this recently. We stood in front of a wooden wall in Southbank and got people who were passing by to put post it notes with positive messages on to the wall. We’ve put some photos of the event on Instagram — #posts4positivity. It was so great seeing how many people got involved.

I really enjoyed being able to paste pieces of peace on to the rough texture of the wood. For me this illustrates the power of making space for stillness. The notes didn’t make any lasting impression on the wall. We took them off and left the wall how it was. But we changed how people perceived it, even if only for a while. We can use stillness the same way. If we use our intuition to make subtle changes to his we perceive and experience things, we can become unstuck and start tackling problems that may have seemed insurmountable.

Sometimes we need to pause before we can truly move forward. A little silence can resonate incredibly loudly if we listen to it.