Three Reflections on Time

A. The past is an absolute

As such, it is immutable. All we can change is our relationship with it. Cultivating a healthy attitude to the past takes effort. Do the work. Its worth it. So are you.

B. The present is an infinity

It is vast and massively complex. It cannot be fully understood: it can only be appreciated.

Further, you are just one of many numbers within it.

In “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”, Chris Hadfield discusses how it is possible for people to be a “plus one” (someone who actively adds value), a “zero” (someone with a neutral impact and does not tip the balance one way or the other) or a “minus one” (someone who creates problems and is actively harmful). He advises that we should aim to be a zero: it is often a good way to get to be a plus one and it reduces your chances of being a minus one.

I do not think it is a coincidence that this insight comes to us from someone who has directly experienced the infinity of space.

Your impact, while it will be small, will be measureable. What are your metrics for success? Are they aligned with your values? How do you score?

C. The future is up to us

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