The day I met life

As I ambled along the corridors of thought I met someone whom I thought I knew
“I am Life, your friend” he said, “you remember me, don’t you ?”

“Where have you been? “ I said, “we have’nt met for a while “
“Life” nodded back at me with a little smile

“Let’s take a walk”, he said “if you have a few moments to spare”
“With you my friend, I have a few things to share”

“I’ve been with you always, every moment of your days”
“Smiling at you, trying to reach out to you in many ways”

“I am the rose in your garden that blossomed last week”
“I am the old school friend with whom you have no time to speak”

“I am the book on your book shelf that you’ve been wanting to read”
“I am those moments of leisure that you’ve lost to rush and speed”

“I am that little story your son wants to hear as you put him to bed”
“I am the words of love in your heart, that have been left unsaid”

“I am the smell of morning coffee and chirping of birds as they take their flight”
“I am the blissful silence in the starlight skies of the night”

“I am the song of the raindrops and the breeze on your face”
“I am gratitude and the peace you find in prayer and Lord’s grace”

“I am your friend, I am Life, the song in your heart and the dreams in your eyes”
“Let’s spend sometime together, before we say our final good byes”

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