Integrate Google Spreadsheet With any Tool

Developers have the advantage of being able to automate their tasks. I think it’s a pretty good rule to never do anything twice. If you are doing something for the second time and it’s probable that you’ll have to do it again — just automate it. This is common sense for developers. But I don’t think many others accomplish this at all.

Google Sheets and APIs is a very easy and fast way to automate tasks. We all work in spreadsheets all the time anyways — so it really makes sense to learn some quick Apps like in order to automate stuff. You might be surprised at all the things you can do with Google Sheets. It makes sense to learn this little bit of code.


Install Add-on >> Get the Data on Socket >> Forward anywhere (Email, SMS,
CRM, ERP, anywhere)
From Anywhere >> Socket >> To google spreadsheet or any other tool
Trigger & Send connects Google sheet to any cloud application via webhook

You can trigger your data from google Spreadsheet to Any application vice versa.

Please go though the steps given the in video and congratulate yourself, as you’re not going to have Spreadsheet’s Manual task anymore. Or check the videos (

After watching first video you can go with the second video. ( for integrating the third-party APIs or you can create your own API Code.

Here’s is the example to add your cutomize API, Script, IF condition and Delay.

Please check the videos for the same flow configuration.

For help related to Viasocket or Google APIs please contact to or Twitter on @rpaliwal71.

Thank you Riku Seppälä Bryan Clark