Journey begins: Self Driving NanoDegree

It’s been over an year, I am actively pursuing courses by Udacity. I am iterating over the implementations in the field of AI.

I personally believe that we can learn anything if we invest reasonable amount of time on it. It makes me feel that anything is possible. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence is the field that allows me to make unbelievable things a reality.

To continue my research, I wanted to learn about Self Driving Cars and Humanoids. As an Indian, it’s a bit costly for me but an investment on myself will make me better and hopefully will make me capable of collaborating in the field of SDCs.

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Finally got an email from Udacity that they have accepted my application for SDCND. Yay! Wohooo!

gif source: Udacity confirmation email

Now, I am an SDCND student of May 2k17 cohort. Will have to manage time with work and study. Will try to make this 9 months specialization the best specialization of my life. Let’s make it good!

Screw it, Let’s do it! — Richard Branson

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