Charter schools & John Oliver

the modern classroom

I watched Last Week Tonight yesterday.

John Oliver has gone to another level since his work on The Daily Show. I really love the format on HBO, John gets a chance to dig deep into 2–3 subjects a week. Basically short-form investigative journalism pieces in entertaining 10–20 minute segments. Is this the future of journalism? If it is, I’m OK with it.

This weeks deep dive was on Charter Schools.

I think the US education system is good, but not great. It definitely benefits the truly gifted and at the top end is virtually second to none (with the notable exception of the Oxbridge). However the outcomes for the bottom two quartiles is pretty pathetic in comparison to most other industrialized economies. Particularly those higher up on the UN human development index like the nordics and Australia/NZ!

But that’s what naturally happens when capitalism plays such a heavy part in education.