Signal 1: Reduction of Traffic Congestion

New York and other cities have seen traffic congestion get worse over the years as ride-hailing has become popular.

To alleviate this problem, the city council recently voted for a 1 year pause on the issuing of new licenses for ride-hailing cars. Ride-hailing services have low retention rates for new drivers, so it is expected that the number of ride-hailing cars on the road will be decreasing over the next year. This will pose an issue for people living in the suburbs since it will be much harder to find a ride if needed — cabs rarely, if ever, are seen in the suburbs. An alternative to alleviating traffic congestion is to charge a fee each time a cab or ride-hailing car enters certain busy areas in the city. This is what is done in Singapore where the average driver spent 10 hours in heavy traffic in 2017. In New York, the average driver spent 91 hours. All that would be needed to implement this are some kind of sensors being installed in cars. Maybe even E-ZPass could be used for this.