Bulldog Classic

Bulldog Classic is a content recirculation project based on the idea that great, “timeless” content is archived prematurely. Creators expend enormous time and energy producing new content but are then forced to move that content out of the way to make way for the next piece. The frequency varies but the problem is the same for all media outlets — newspapers, magazines, blogs, et al. The thesis behind Bulldog Classic is there is an endless supply of great, still relevant content sitting in the archives of media outlets just waiting to be recirculated, remarketed, and remonetized.

Publishers know this but most do not have an effective, compelling ESPN Classic style outlet of their own. I would argue the savvy reader is looking for more than just a Vanity Fair Classic or an Esquire Classic. Those are easy and probably worthwhile features to implement but are not going to be as compelling as a curated selection of content from a diverse range of sources.

Bulldog Classic is just a germ of an idea and expresses one point of view. I have no idea where it will ultimately end up and there could be 100s of different Bulldog Classics drawn from different content pools catering to different interests.

Working brainstorm at bulldogclassic.com.