“I think my sister just cause she’s only 15 months younger than me and were really close and we kind of have really crummy parents so we get each other through a lot and it’s good to have someone cause I used to like hate how it was always like Mary and Lizzy Mary and Lizzy Mary and Lizzy she started soccer in the same year as me and I’d be like, ‘I had to wait until first grade to start soccer and she started in kindergarten this doesn’t make any sense,’ but we were always like paired together and now it really works out. Or maybe my cousin because my cousin goes here and we went to elementary school together and we’re only three moths apart but we’re like best friends in the same way, like again my parents are crappy so I would basically live in her house like I’ll go over there whenever I don’t wanna deal with anything and it’s like I’m just heading over to their house and stay there for a week or two or like anything like that if I don’t have any good food and I’ll be like alright let’s get some pasta, you guys always have good food.

As much as I hate my parents I don’t think I’d change it. If I hadn’t had them I wouldn’t be who I am whatsoever. Like I mothered basically my sister and my half brother. We go on vacations, me and my sister and my half brother and my stepmom and my mom and it works out really well. As bad as it was for a really long time I wouldn’t change it. I would be with my grandma all the time so me and my grandma are really close and all my aunts are more my mom than my mom is. It’s good cause other wise I wouldn’t be as close with them and learn how to deal with stuff.”

Mary Fanslow

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