Suddenly the lights went out. I knew it was raining but never really expected the school to lose power. I wasn’t sure if I should keep going with these new conditions or simply leave. In the end I decided it was probably safest to continue. Suddenly the pale blue walls seemed much darker and the whites turned to greys. Outside the storm continued to block out any rays of light that might help pierce the darkness inside. But still I went on. It was a little dark to be able to see well but I managed. Now every noise seemed about three times louder than it should have been. It felt as though making noise somehow corrupted the ominous dark of the school. Across the room a single emergency light remained lit, illuminating the room with its pale fluorescent glow. The occasional flicker would briefly send the room into a more complete darkness, leaving only the light that could escape from the dark clouds and through the tiny windows on the wall. But still, we worked on. One by one people would leave and then return with different expressions of satisfaction or grief upon their return. Finally it was my time. I got up and went to another dimly lit room and began. This time, I sat right under the emergency light and its pale glow. It made everything close by easy to see but left the corners of the room shrouded in darkness. Once I had finished, I returned to the pale blues where I had been previously. Still only lit by the lone emergency light, the room seemed to glow a bit brighter. Maybe the storm was letting up outside, letting through a few more precious rays of sunlight. I packed up and went outside to my car. To my surprise, the rain had let up and I was greeted by glowing clouds and the renewed feeling that comes after rainfall. The storm had ended and the light was returning.

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