The CITADEL Mission and Team

Hello all, I’m Raven Peters the current Creative and Studio Director here at CITADEL Interactive, and I’m here to tell you a little about our mission and the team that will help bring that mission to you.

Our mission here at CITADEL is to create experiences that empower the dreamer, in standard terms we want to create experiences that you could have only dreamed of. That statement is more than a mission statement, it’s also a promise. Our team has been playing video games for as long as we can remember, and all of us know that feeling you get after you finish a truly amazing level, one with a deep setting and well rounded characters. That is the feeling that we want you to feel after every major moment of our games, either that be after finishing off a bad dude, or saving your family from total extinction. We are here to create experiences for you, and we want you to truly love what we create.


Our team is, at its heart, a bunch of day dreamers with some computer skills. My team and I have been playing video games since the sun has shined, and we have become somewhat of critics on what make good games good (or so we think). I’m going To give you quick run through of our current team and what they do, so sit tight and get ready to pick your favorite!

Raven Peters, Studio Director

Like I said, probably the coolest here, I am the studio director, which basically means I run the studio and oversee the operations of the studio. Email

Joshua Richards, Senior Development Director

This man is my number one, Joshua oversees the development and overall progress of all the CITADEL titles along with insures they live up to the lofty expectations we have. Email

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