Basic lessons and resources to pick up this technical skill fast — and why you should

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Learning a programming language when you do online advertising is not the most obvious thing to do. I mean, let’s face it, there are plenty of different opportunities to develop yourself without going to a completely different industry.

But if you already made up your mind to learn Python, you probably face a very common issue: There are not enough materials on the internet that can guide you through this programming world.

Don’t get me wrong. Programming is probably the dominant industry on the web, with millions of free and paid educational materials. But this benefit makes finding the right…

Which ones you need and how to pick them up

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Tech penetration in real life is growing year over year. And for those of us who are working in marketing — one of the most developing and growing industries — it’s becoming essential to dive deeper and deeper in tech.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s mandatory for everyone, tech might be surprisingly helpful. After almost seven years in performance marketing, I’m pretty sure that nearly every marketing instrument becomes more efficient with some new tech knowledge on top.

But the biggest issue I’ve found is that it’s almost impossible to find any structured guide or information about how and what…

A simple guide to improving conversion and bounce rates

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Before I tell you how this can be done, let me give you a short example of a business that had enormous success simply by changing their landing page headlines. I had a case at one of my previous jobs. There was a client who provided handyman services, and he had a very good SEM campaign and landing page. But there was one problem — all the services the company provided were aggregated on one single page.

No matter what you were looking for — furniture assembly, washing machine repair, or moving — all the traffic was going to the…

A simple exercise to analyze your competitors, then develop a superior positioning

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Knowing the target audience of your business or product is probably one of the most important milestones to success. But understanding competitors is also vital. Even if your product solves the customer’s problem, that might be not enough.

Understanding your competitors’ strong and weak points helps you create an offer customers can’t refuse. In most cases, you can’t be the best at everything, but you can focus your marketing or sales on your points of strength.

To make a simple competitor analysis that brings enormous profits to your business, you don’t need much. …

Leaning on Daniel Kahneman’s cognitive insight for more conversions

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When you do online advertising, everything matters, from your style to every picture caption you write. But some things are much more critical than others. A few shortcuts can significantly improve your efficiency in no time. One of the most essential is relevancy.

Make your advertising cross-relevant in all contact points, and you will at least double your conversion rate. In some cases, the conversion rate can go up 10 to 20 times just by adjusting the headline to a relevant phrase.

Improve your marketing, Instagram, and website relevancy today and win your audience. Here’s why and how.

People Are in a Constant Hurry

Life in…


Stop talking about your product. Solve customer pain instead.

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Everybody says “know your target audience”. There is probably no place that tells you otherwise. But there are so many things behind the scenes of this phrase — it’s very easy to get lost. Does it mean that I need to know the age and sex of my customers? Or probably the geography? Or should I learn how people make the purchase and their psychological consumer patterns?

All of these factors are important. But, from my experience, one this is way above everything else:

Knowing the Pain of your customers is an ultimate weapon.

Understanding why your customers buy your…

Important insights to complete the picture you get from your dashboard

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Google controls about 75% of the search share in the world, having over $116 billion in revenue from search ads in 2019. At the same time, Google Ads is a primary advertising channel for thousands of companies and startups around the world.

Despite enormous popularity, search engine marketing is still one of the most complicated and difficult marketing channels. The more control Google Ads gives its clients, the more knowledge it requires in return. It requires not only strong marketing skills but also statistical and mathematical skills, as well as a solid technical background.

One of the most complicated things…


How The Black Box will do literally everything for you. And why.

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Hi, there. My name is Roman. And it’s my 7th year in Search Advertising. Throughout the time, I did advertising in almost all major search engines from Google and Bing to Yandex and Baidu, as well as I tried nearly all business niches. One of my insights was, despite vast differences between these search giants, they all have a common understanding of how to develop Search Engine Advertising in the upcoming years.

Trying to remove the human from all equations — is trend number one you can see in this marketing area. Google, as well as Microsoft and Yandex, put…

Three reasons why it’s time to give Microsoft’s search engine a closer look

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Hi! My name is Roman, and I’ve been doing performance marketing for more than six and a half years. My favourite marketing channel always used to be Search — not only because I started my career as an SEM manager but also because it’s easy to start, yet challenging to master.

Everybody knows about Google Ads and its position in the modern world. The huge search giant is a must-have for most companies and startups nowadays. It has enormous potential in traffic, tons of settings, and it behaves in an excellent way with automation.

All these benefits can make Google…

The ultimate guide to campaigns, optimization, and keyword expansion in ASA

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Hello! My name is Roman. I’ve been doing performance marketing advertising for almost six and a half years now. Apple Search Ads is one of my favorite platforms: It’s young, it’s powerful, and its growth year-over-year is fantastic.

This platform has huge potential for almost every business that has an app. It allows us to increase installs and sales and also hugely affects organic ranking. This makes it essential for the right Apple Store optimization. But not everybody knows how to start advertising on it.

Here’s an easy-to-use guide that covers all the grey areas in dynamic campaigns in ASA…

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