An [Actually Diverse] List of D&D Twitter Accounts to Follow

Today there was an article widely shared and criticized about the best ten D&D Twitter accounts to follow. While some of the folks mentioned are fantastic, I (and so many others!) couldn’t help but notice the fact that there were no women, non-binary people, or people of colour.

I’m not new to RPGs, nor to D&D. My own story isn’t important here, but I do consider myself a pretty active member of the RPG and D&D community. So without further ado, here’s MY list of D&D Twitter accounts to follow…


@TheBroadswords |

The Broadswords is an all-women D&D Actual-Play Podcast. They spin an intriguing tale full of magic and whimsy. While playing 5E, they stand out over other D&D podcasts in part by setting the story in the country of Rashemen, a land of spirits, witches, and superstition.

The GM, Victoria, has a lovely voice that pulls you deep into her descriptive and entrancing story, which her players help weave expertly in-character.

Additionally, I adore the feminist overtones all without being obnoxious or in-your-face. This podcast is heavily feminist-focused while still embracing both femininity and a lust for adventure and combat. They have only good things: an all all-women cast, an excellent GM, an intriguing story, and great cast chemistry.


@DevenRue | RPG Cartographer & Illustrator |

You may have heard of Deven Rue, especially recently if you’re a #Critter (aka Critical Role fan). She was commissioned to make the map for Tal’Dorei, the land Matt Mercer created for the Critical Role D&D show. But that’s not all she’s known for…

Deven makes extremely detailed Fantasy maps, and even offers them for download in Black & White for free on her website. She is a champion of the RPG community and gives so much back to them. You should absolutely take note of her.


@MystyVander | Ladies Slaying Dragons |

Mysty is constantly tweeting about D&D, and is constantly questioning GMs and players alike on how they play, what elements they incorporate, what they love, and how they can be inclusive. She’s a wonderfully bright light in the D&D community.

Not only is she active in the D&D community on twitter, but she’s got a great blog, Aspiring Halfling, that explores both her love of D&D and questions the parts of the community that need questioning (here’s looking at you, Gatekeeping). You can also check out her new podcast, Ladies Slaying Dragons, a round-table D&D discussion podcast.


@Sydniac | DM of WanderQuest | Wizards of the Coast Partner

Sydney doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is, both in her love of D&D and her insistence that the community be open, inclusive, and welcome to anyone and everyone interested in this hobby she loves so dearly.

She’s heavily involved in the D&D community, especially as DM of the all-women WanderQuest D&D podcast. You can also find her playing on Twitch and playing in the Turncloaks D&D podcast.

She’s also a huge advocate for the D&D community and no list should exist without her.


@vartian | Creator of Godsfall |

If you don’t know Aram… gosh are you in for a treat. Aram, apart from being an absolute gem and kind human, is the brilliant mind behind the Godsfall podcast, a D&D show set in an entirely homebrew world.

He successfully Kickstarted the worldbook of his fantasy world Khalgun, which includes the setting as well as new and original creatures and races.

He’s a wonderful force for good in the D&D podcasting world, and we’re so blessed to have him in this community.


@katewelchhhh | Game Designer for WotC |Basically a Cool & BadAss Person

You didn’t know? YES. There are women designers for Wizards of the Coast. And Kate Welch is one of them and has recently been credited for working on Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

Additionally, Kate can be found playing the halfling Rosie Beestinger on Acquisitions Incorporated.

She’s delightful and interacts regularly with her followers, and you can be sure to learn something new and get a good laugh out of her Twitter feed. WotC is truly lucky to have her on staff.


@katkruger | Steampunk Unicorn Studio | d20 Dames

Kat Kruger is not only the host and DM of the d20 Dames, another all-women D&D actual-play podcast (which I adore), but she also writes her own adventure modules! You can find her custom adventure Trouble at Tresendar Manor on the Dungeon Master Guild.

Kat has wonderful and fascinating insights into the D&D world, and brings her perspective of being both a women and bi-racial to the table.

Some of Kat’s recent work includes credits on Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, and “X Marks the Spot” (a D&D adventure set in a Magic: The Gathering world). Kat and the d20 Dames are a brilliant group of talented women in the D&D community. It would be amiss not to follow and interact with Kat.


@StacyRex | Founder of ConTessa | Frivology

Stacy founded ConTessa back in 2012 and it has grown like crazy. If you aren’t familiar with ConTessa, it is the leader in fighting for representation in tabletop gaming. ConTessa’s gaming events are led exclusively by diverse and minority leaders. And Stacy founded the beautiful beast that is ConTessa.

Stacy may not always be talking about D&D, but they are almost always talking about RPGs and promoting diversity in the tabletop community. They are genuine and a ball of positive energy in our little space of the internet.


@HollyConrad | DM of Trapped in the Birdcage

Holly is the DM for the DnD Twitch stream show Trapped in the Birdcage. Not only is she a brilliant story-teller and dungeon master, but she also plays Strix on WaffleCrew.

Holly is not only a D&D connoisseur, but she’s often signal boosting beautiful fan art by her fans and followers.

Holly is a wonderful weaver of tales and I only with I could be half the DM she is. If you haven’t watched Trapped in the Birdcage, you should.


@TessFowler | | Artist

You can find the talented Tess Fowler not only talking about D&D, but drawing beautifully detailed fantasy characters. She’s done a lot of amazing Critical Role fan art, but is also known for having been my favourite artist of the Rat Queens comics.

Tess is no-nonsense and hits hard at the gatekeeping and sexists aspects of the comic and gaming communities, and is a powerhouse for change. Her work is brilliant and her opinions appropriately rebellious and entertaining. She’s a welcome breath of air.


Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo) | Ana Becerra (@anabpho)

Lysa Chen (@mercyfuldm) | Renee Rhodes (@FateFMCast)

TK Johnson (@tkjoinsthefray) | Sam & Birdie (@daughterdungeon)

Satine Pheonix (@satinephoenix) | Luke Howard (@LukeHwrd)

Jessica Osborne (@littlecuppajo) | Kait Trembley (@kait_zilla)

Girl Streamers (@girlstreamers) | Praxis (@PraxisDescends)


Look, I get it. Mike Mearls, Matt Colville, Matt Mercer, Mike Shea, Jeremy Crawford, and Chris Perkins are all cool guys. They bring a lot of good to the D&D community.

And the D&D community is BIG. But it is DIVERSE. Our RPG community is a place where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and LGBTQ+ exist. We are here. Hear Us. All we want is to feel safe and included. This community needs to be a positive and welcoming environment. And I truly believe that it can be this open community — I have faith in us.

Edit to add: Jeremy Crawford is part of the LGBTQ+ community and I did not intend to exclude him or imply that he wasn’t. My sincerest apologies! ❤

P.S. Want more RPG podcasts featuring all women/non-binary people? Check them out here:

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