BioWare, Wherefore Art Thou, Dragon Age 4?

When BioWare announced that Dragon Age II was becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One, I immediately went onto EBay and bought Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II for a total of $25. Dragon Age Inquisition was one of my first Xbox One games. I am not exaggerating when I say I become OBSESSED and my every thought was consumed with when I would get to see Cullen’s beautiful face again.

In my first play through, I put in about 150+ hours. In my second play through, I put in about 60. If you’ve never played Dragon Age Inquisition, it’s a very large open world fantasy RPG that won game of the year in 2014. If you are into fantasy RPGs, it is a must play!

I am currently doing my first play through of Origins and besides the graphics and the fact that there’s no voice acting for your character during conversations, I’m liking the story line so far! For those who care, I’m playing a Human, Female, Noble, Rouge.

The problem is, when you love a game so much you are so sad when you finish! BioWare, my only request is that you have the 4th installment done by the time I complete running through the series again. Yes, I know you are hard at work with Anthem, but give the people what they want — more Dragon Age.


Jessica — A major DA fan ❤️


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