Monter Manual Monday

The Dreaded Mimic

We’ve all been there… You’ve just defeated the enemy and there are treasure chests galore! Your greedy, grubby little hands can’t wait to check what’s inside. Could there be armor? Could there be gold? You have to open and find out. Ha! You’ve been tricked! The chest suddenly has a giant set of teeth that’s ready to bite your head off!

After you’ve been tricked by a Mimic once you’ll tend to be a little gun shy around inanimate objects. Once when I was playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced 2nd Edition obviously, I ran into a Mimic. Every other chest I encountered after that I tried every tool I had in order to figure out if it was a Mimic, or just a chest. Detect evil anyone? Mimics aren’t always chests by the way. They can mimic anything, hence their name. If you happen to run into one while on your adventure, try not to touch it… it covers itself in a weird glue like substance (Ew). If you happen to touch it, you will be stuck; unless of course you have some alcohol on you which will weaken the glue and allow you to break free in 3 rounds. Make note that they are sensitive to light and heat so the fireball spell would be of use here.

There are two types of Mimics, a common Mimic with a neutral alignment, and a killer Mimic, who obviously has an evil alignment. Common Mimics can sometimes be persuaded to give information if you have some food for them. Killer Mimics on the other hand will just eat you. Mimics were originally were created by wizards to help protect their treasure. We can see how well that turned out… For all you HP fans, the Mimics ichor is used in polymorph potions and their glue can be used in making perfumes. I don’t know why you would want to smell like rotting meat but hey, who am I to judge.

Mimics aren’t just in the best table top RPG of all time. They can be seen in video games as well! You’ve most certainly run across them if you are into RPGs, especially JRPGs. They can be seen in Dragons Quest, Mega Man, Dark Souls, Minecraft, and even Pokémon! If you have ever run across a Mimic in D&D or while playing your favorite video games let me know. I would love to hear your horror stories!

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