Behind the scenes: A/B testing at Highrise
Nathan Kontny

I agree with Tim Chan here in the comments. There’s no doubt that one design out-performed the other, but as he said, it might not have been because of the additional choice. The design and plan recommendation changed drastically.

I’m assuming the highlighted plan didn’t make it to the new plans page because it would’ve been off balance (4 plans vs 3)? When it comes to aesthetic, those things are very hard to overcome (I hate imbalance, too). But I do wonder if the 4 plans with a called out “Plus” plan would’ve given you good/same results as the original?

Oh, and with regards to the video, it’s hard to say but sometimes embedded video can cause unforseen problems with page loading. And even considering speed, if it’s an extra few MB tacked on the page load time, sometimes that’s all it takes to halt a person’s progress.

Always fun to think about this stuff, thanks for posting :-)

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