Oh, HUMAN…!!! THIS 5 letter word itself is the most beautiful and most destructive stuff you will ever hear. It creates, It destroys and It suffers. it is ahead of the time, making rapid progress, and at the same time endangering its own species, vanishing its surviving chances and preparing a disaster for its upcoming generation.

who had imagined that from millions of living species on earth, only this one will evolve to a great extent, will make some dynamic changes, will be able to communicate to all the living species, transforming themselves from crawling to flying, from wheel to spaceship, time passed on and human progressed little by little, we reproduced ourselves and passed on whatever knowledge and wisdom we acquired to the new generation and they kept on moving the wheel of progress, and so the community came into existence, where this freshly evolved species started living together, history is the witness of all the positive and negative outcomes which human did to this planet, in today’s date man has become so capable that he started travelling to the moon, searching for another parental planet like our earth,

Human life has become more easy and comfortable than earlier, but this comfort has brought many un-noticed problems to us, we are connected to each other by the web,the satellite, by the digital stuff, but is this the true and secure connection?

does this connection has the feelings of realness?

does this connection secures and fixes the emotional bonds?

does this connection fixes the inhuman practices which are going around the world?

probably the answer will be NO.

life is meant to live, not to digitalise.

we made the digital material as our backbone, without it, nothing works here.

we trimmed our communications from letters to chats, from phone calls to text messages, from periodic visits to functional visits, even in this independent world we lost our freedom to live the life as life wants us to live, together this is the great loss for humanity, as we are losing the human values inch by inch.

eat, sleep, earn, spend, repeat this is the ritual that majority humans do, you cannot will find love, faith, humbleness, generosity, honesty, kindness, helpfulness in every other human as this values acts like the VIP guests, they never be seen often, lucky are those people who have this values in themselves and are preserving them to its best. this VIP guests are known as humanity and they have the power to heal every wound of humans for which they pay a heavy price to the outsources

as a small baby is nourished with necessary things to preserve its health and prevent its body from outer unwanted things,in the same way, our humans need the preservation of human values so that they can prevent the human conflict and live a peaceful life forever

meet your loved ones without any appointment, make smile a stranger every day, make friends on the go, help a helpless wherever you find, donate your values to the invaluable, love the people as they are, be willing to do something great every day, build free network towers of unlimited joy and happiness everywhere you can, they don’t require any space or any permissions, enrich the greenery, load yourself with human values,enjoy your free 24 hours of free-living every day, you never know when your subscription comes to an end.

the secret of finding this humanity is not located in the specific corner of the earth,to find humanity, humans must look inside them peacefully and they will get all the answers of life. after all, this is the real treasure.