It’s hard to believe we are nearly done, but here we are at the end of our seven-month long project. As this is our last post, it seems fitting to reflect on everything we have done. It has been quite a journey with all sorts of twists and turns. Let’s take a moment to reminisce about our progress starting seven months ago in January.

Don’t feel like waxing nostalgic? Skip to “Learning Through Play”

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Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

No App for That

We began with a relatively direct prompt.

Design a mobile solution, like an app, to reduce inappropriate ER usage.

If you have kept up with our previous posts, you know how dramatically our project has changed. Simply put, trying to direct people through an app when they are hurt or sick is difficult. …

This week, we met with our clients to present all the work we have done so far, including some high fidelity mock-ups of our concepts, yay! We’ll get to the prototypes in a minute, but first, let’s meet the cute characters that will star in our mini-games and micro-interactions.

We present to you — “The Zoids”

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Just look at these little guys :)

Now back to main attraction — prototypes!

Of the 8 concepts we decided to move forward with, we spiffed up 5 for the client presentation, including Remember That Time, Flu Monster, Triage + Transporter, Physical Wayfinding, and Live GIF.

Side note: for anyone like me who forgets and is curious what GIF stands for—it’s Graphics Interchange Format.

No, we are not hallucinating from sleep deprivation (well at least I am not, can’t speak for my team). Now that we have completed a full round of research and defined some areas to explore further, we now look to begin [cue trumpets] … the Design Phase! Yay!

To do this, we have visioned, storyboarded and speed dated our way through some ideas, which we’ll get into below.

But first, enjoy this wacky bit of pictography.

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Have any idea what is going on in this drawing?

That’s okay, allow us to explain.


In this sketch, we explored the idea of using technology to help Mike (a fictional person) to deal with his pollen allergy. We went from using an allergen-sensing smartwatch to a vacuum tube delivery system for medication to holographic plants that are aesthetically pleasing without all the sneezing. …

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