iPhone X…Always-On Display…iOS 12?

There’s not many things that I like about Android phones, I’ll be honest. I’ve used a few and I’m not a fan. One feature on most Android phones make me a little jealous though. A feature that takes advantage of the OLED displays.

It’s the Always-On-Display.

A seemingly simple feature, it seems incredible useful. I love my Apple Watch, but sometimes, it’d be nice to have my phone on desk, and be able to glance at it and see the time…maybe notifications…weather too?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it even more if Apple had the AOD on the Apple Watch.

iOS 12?

Concept of what an iPhone X AOD could be. (On a Gold iPhone X)

I’d love if Apple decided to include the feature as a surprise on iPhone X when it ships. Or in any of the iPhone 11.x updates like they did with NightShift. I don’t think they will though. While seeming simple, this is a feature that Apple will want to absolutely nail. I think they will make it semi-customizable. I think glyphs of app icons will be shown, developers will have to provide these of course and enable their apps to be show on the AOD.

I made a very rough concept of what I think it might look like (I also just quickly made an iPhone X and decided to make it gold).

I think they might potentially add a Siri Button, but I doubt it because of the Hey Siri functionality.

I also think they might include the HomeBar, if the user would like to quickly unlock their phone.

While I don’t think Apple’s implementation will have the Google Pixel 2 feature of always listening for music, I think that if the user is listening to music, it will display that song title as well as if there are any AirPods, Beats, etc. connected.

What I Hope They’ll Do

The above was what I think they’ll do.

This concept builds on that one with stuff I wish they’d add.

I think it’d be nice to have the current forecast for the day, just a nice little add-on.

I added the HomeBar for quick access to the homescreen. No tap/raise to wake. Just swipe to enter your phone.

Then the icons on the bottom are customizable (up to 5). They’re quick launch icons, so you just tap them while on the AOD, and jump right in to them. Sometimes you just quickly want to go to Twitter or take a picture. All it takes for an App Developer to make their apps ready for QuickLaunch, is to make the icon for AOD notifications anyways.