Why PixelBuds are a Terrible Idea

It’s tempting for Google to keep trying to knock off Apple products. They see a loyal consumer base from Apple consumers and make the assumption that their consumer base is just as loyal.

Their consumer base is not.

The Android platform is built on the idea that if you don’t like one manufacturer, or if you want a phone with specific features, you can switch phones with ease, have the same operating system which can be customized anyway you want. You never really feel locked in to a company’s ecosystem, rather, a customer is locked in to the Android operating system.

The only brand loyalty is to Android.

This is important. Most die hard Android fans like Google…but they also love the headphone jack. This will hurt Pixel 2 sales. Taking another page out of Apple’s book, Google released Pixel Pods … I mean Pixel Buds. Google’s attempt at being courageous and getting rid of the headphone jack made them decide they need to invest in wireless, and instead of making a new chip that could get extend range or anything that’s really going to affect your day-to-day life… they installed Google Translate in to the Buds.

The Buds still have a wire.

Fast Pair

Simply open the Buds case and your phone will pair…sound familiar?

Fast Pair is Google’s version of just opening up the AirPods’ case and having your device instantly pair. Why they needed to name it after mocking the amount of time Apple puts in to naming is laughably sad.

Nothing really new here

Bose QC 35 II with Google Assistant Built In

The Pixel Buds don’t really bring anything new to the table here. Wireless headphones have existed before and will continue to exist. Headphones with Google Assistant built in existed before (BOSE QC 35 II) and will continue to exist.

There’s nothing to really stop me from just opening up Google Translate and speaking to it directly and pass my phone to translate. It promises a convenience that really isn’t too great (simply not keeping on handing back and forth your phone).

Overall, save your money. Soon more earbuds will pop up with Google Assistant and be cheaper than the Buds. Some might come with noise-cancelling.