Ryan Schill

Freelance journalist, editor and designer. Literary and experimental journalism junkie. Covers juvenile justice, civil rights, social justice and media.

Boys Growing Up to be Boys: Mandatory Minimums and Teens in Adult Prisons

For teens sentenced as adults under Georgia’s SB 400, a paucity of resources create reentry challenges (and

Chasing the Dragon — Suburban Heroin Stories

In the affluent suburbs of Atlanta, teens are increasingly moving to heroin as a cheap alternative to prescription…

Fractured Leg, Fractured Family

A Misdiagnosis Leads to Allegations of Child Abuse

When Anthony Richards, Jr., was born on an early Sunday morning in June, the…

Three Social Media Issues Journalists Must Consider

They are not just tools for reporting

Although it is understood by most journalists that social media are…

Can nonprofit newsrooms afford a social media editor?

Exploring the uneasy relationship between journalism and social media marketing

Jornaleros: Workers for Hire

The dangerous life of a day laborer and the movement to protect them from us

Incense: A Remembrance

I remember the incense most; not what words were said, what songs we sung, or what prayers we prayed. I only really remember the incense and the tears and the long…