Nice article, thanks for sharing.
Abhishek Agrawal

Hi Abhishek, I’m glad you liked the article!

You have A LOT of power when it comes to the gspread. You can essentially treat it like a database where you can Create, Read, Update, and Delete data.

Example: Here are some update commands:

worksheet.update_acell('B1', 'Bingo!')

# Or
worksheet.update_cell(1, 2, 'Bingo!')

# Select a range
cell_list = worksheet.range('A1:C7')

for cell in cell_list:
cell.value = 'O_o'

# Update in batch


gpsread is actually a surprisingly fast library! I added over 75,000 lines (600 words per cell for 126 cells) and it was almost instantaneous.

In terms of syncing, that really depends on how you run your code. You can set it to run every time you open it, or you can set it up as a job to run every time on your server.

Tell me about your specific use-case! maybe I can help :)