Transitioning into the Future

A thinking robot ?

As the UK decides whether or not to remain in the European Union, my mind drifts off to the uncertainty of the times in which we live.

While people may disagree, we have lived a fairly stable political and economic climate over the past few decades. Now we’re transitioning into a future where past events will no longer remain as the best predictor of the future.

With the diminishing supremacy of old world technology, the exponential promise of artificial intelligence, the coming of age of the millennium population, I am excited and, albeit, quite afraid of what the future may bring.

Will the west continue to dominate as a cultural and economic hegemon? Or will the subcontinent rise and take it’s place on the world stage? Will Europe continue its economic demise? Or will it live up to its own history as the centre of modern progress? Will China remain in the past? or will it take up the challenge of the future?

The industrial revolution is barely over century old and has become the norm of humanity. I sincerely wonder given the rapidly changing times we live in, where the future will take us. We have seen nothing like what’s about to come.