It and it’s self

The day. Some courage. Brace.

Follow what it thinks or follow what they say. It has been listening to them as they were telling it what to be done. So, it stopped thinking. And it never did think. A day had come for it to make a really tough decision. It didn’t know what to be done. It ain’t thinking what to be done. It started to fear, wobble, loose control. It’s presence was useless rather helpless. It failed.

It’s worried. It ain’t know how to think. It thought of vanishing. Surprisingly, it could hear. It was none other than its inner self. It was relaxed, but confused whether it is right. It had no other way to survive.

Surprisingly, the instructions from it’s inner self turned out to make it happier. Though it was not sure of whether it is right or wrong, it started listening to its inner self and only to inner self. It ignored the rest. It was happy. That’s when it felt realized what to be done. It stopped doing what has to be done and started doing what its inner self actually wanted.

But the twist has a role to play. What was making it happy was actually…

to be continued…