A lot of us go around living our lives caring what others think of us.

So desperately seeking validation from others.

We filter ourselves in the process, not knowing the limitations we put on ourselves.

We live to be judged.

What kind of life is that?!

I used to be…

Depression a clouded mind of thoughts.

Gathering as one to defeat you.

A comedian of life, joking on how sad you are.

The fog so heavy and dense you can’t see what’s on the other side.

Without trying to clear the fog, you stay there. Blinded.

Staying with the clouds…

I usually don’t write about things like this but today I got inspired by a question from my cousin. What makes people attractive?

Such an interesting question.

Getting what you want out of life by becoming attractive.

Most people overlook the fact that being sexy and beautiful doesn’t have to…

She lights the candle eagerly as she looks at the flame.

The candle flickers in the darkness.

Her grip gets tighter around the knife as she attempts to cut the cake.

But she stops.

And looks around for someone but there’s no one else there.

She remains quiet as she…

We are a muse in this world only to create the obvious.

We massacre the idea of different.

In a stream of things we call beauty.

As if we are analyzing piece of art.

Only judging because we are molded to do so

But yet we are created in the…

What’s the true key to happiness?

Most of us think that our happiness comes from outside sources.

Materialistic things,people and outcomes of life.

Is there a yellow brick road to find happiness?

Happiness within

Sorry, but happiness is not from any of those things you think you need to have…


Lifecoach/Author Love writing. My passion is writing short stories and poetry. “I think therefore I am” Descartes

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