How Artificial Intelligence Improves Retail Shopping Experience?

A retailer can make better decisions with the application of artificial intelligence

Rajeev Ranjan Kumar
3 min readSep 19, 2019

AI is gradually touching all aspects of our lives. Similarly, AI also helps retail stores to provide a better user experience.

In-Store experience Using AI Powered App to Search Your Favourite Fashion

Recently, I got an opportunity to design a native mobile app using AI Technology. After a lot of research, I found a couple of powerful and practical aspects where retail businesses can leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence in a world of growing and competitive marketplace.

Create customer-centric search

Artificial intelligence has fastened the decision-making process to identify the complex patterns in the data by predicting user behavior and their purchasing patterns. where AI understand and help the buyer with relevant color, fabric, and texture in the search result.

AI enables consumers easily find similar items in retail stores.

Improve recommendations for customers

The process of recommendation is widely practiced in retail stores to help customers find the best solution and continues to evolve with more personalized recommendations to a buyer based on their preferences.

Evolving more personalized recommendations

Virtual assistants Implementation

The advances for virtual assistants are rooted with natural language processing and the machine’s ability to interpret what people are saying in words to words or text to texts.

The increasingly popular using virtual assistants is to understand consumers regional languages & accents.

Virtual assistance understand consumers regional languages & accents

Retarget potential customers

Retailers are starting to make progress in their sales using retargeting pre-qualified or interested customers. Now AI-powered apps can automate the special offers to the customers with their interested items.

Smart Chatboat

The use of artificial intelligence through the application of chatbots is just one way to drive the conversation in this next era of conversational commerce. Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence and are able to communicate with humans with all concern. They can also collect your past data and provide you with very personalized user experience.

Smart chatbot can answer all your query and concern


An artificial intelligence technology has made life easier for the retailers as well as buyers. E-commerce websites are witnessing an exponential hike in their sales in the digital platform. Similarly, Artificial intelligence is taking retailers to the next level of sales and providing the best user experience ever.