Scrum and Life (Part 2)

So how many of you struggle with keeping people focussed on one task? Actually let me rephrase the question. How many of YOU struggle with focussing on one and only one task at a time? Yep, I see your hand go up just a little bit, up to your shoulder with that mildly guilty look in your eyes.

Let me be clear that I’m not just talking about working on two stories in a Scrum based environment. Think of things in life outside of work. How many people do you know who have bumped into a pole, another human or a car while walking and texting? Im sure at least one (aka yourself ;) ) What about driving and texting or as I like to call it “drexting”? I mean there are laws out there prohibiting the use of hand held devices while you drive. The community at large has spoken against multi-tasking. So why do you think you’re the exception who can simultaneously work on two tasks and accomplish them without hazard? Maybe unlike me you’re a super hero. But if that’s the case I recommend fighting crime instead of writing code ;)

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