Home Upgrade & Repairs Needs Fix up

I am a 1997 Home owner that is looking for a aid to rebuild mine home & as well repairs badly needed. I really need a new roof bad weather damage & drywall that has holes in it & mold damage from water leaks that linked from the roof & replace worn out Carpet & worn out torn Kitchen flooring needed & kitchen cabinet needs replacement. Need replace 2 Bathtubs #1 Bathtub has Rust the other #2 bathtub has a bad hole in it and leaks out water. Need a new bathroom sink has rust from well water & new toilet has rust in it.The money go to hired home repairs Contractors Fees. I trying to avoid Home Loans / Bank loans Fees and Borrow money from or anyone at this time. This will help me out.This help mine home look better shape that is now in.”You must see in person if and share mine home.”
{More info added to come}