What I’m saying though is that we are holding her to a higher standard than we do our male…
Lauren Besser

Maybe it isn’t that “we” (whoever that is) are holding her to a higher standard. Perhaps its that there is a generation now coming into public discourse who want to hold all politicians to higher standards. Also, there are a number of people who have been so jaded by our political system that they have had critical opinions about male and female politicians, but they have been disengaged from public discourse because of their cynicism. Perhaps we are now seeing these criticisms of Clinton because these people who have been sidelined for years because of their ethics are now being drawn back into political discourse by Sanders and are fighting for what they see as our best hope for all Americans.

I for one have not voted in the past two presidential elections. I have been critical of every politician and have refused to vote for liars, cheaters, job killers, and war criminals. I am very critical of Clinton, just as I have been of most every politicians of my generation. And it angers me to the core when I am accused of being critical of Clinton because I am sexist. It’s a pathetic accusation by weak-minded people who think in terms that are too black and white. I would happily support Warren or Stein for president. I wanted Warren to run this year, but she didn’t.

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