Renewables are no longer ‘alternative.’ Fossil fuels are ‘legacy.’
David Bank

The materials that make these things, they have a limited life span and are not degradable or renewable. It seems like we just shifted the problem. Silicon gas is also highly dangerous (it ignites when it touches oxygen or nitrogen — what we breath in our atmosphere) and used in the production of the solar cells. This results in deaths in the factories where they are created. These solar panels, after running the course of their life (20–30 years generally) then they will end up in a landfill as the materials are not recyclable (for the cells) and they are toxic.

See: — used in the production of solar cells.

Just like the sources they are replacing they too have a cost and while pie in the sky optimism is rampant, the reality is that these ‘clean’ energies are not emitting vapor, but are creating large amounts of materials that we will simply dispose of like we have all of the other materials — in a landfill to rot the land. They also have a very high cost of manufacturing and I don’t mean dollars — I mean chemical compounds that must be created to create the product. All of this is overlooked by all the people that think these things are magic and just rise up from nothing.

Fluff pieces like this that are big on advertising and small on science are just advertisements masquerading as articles.

People at Goldman Sachs are quoted as if they know anything about materials, how they are created, or what they can be used/replaced/evolved to. Goldman Sachs knows about money and how to get it. Not how to sustain a planet and keep it livable for generations past the current ones.

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