Me and My Petty Concerns for My Future

My name is Rebekah though I go by Bekah, I’m a Junior at Coventry High School and take classes through the distance learning lab at my school through Akron of University with College Credit Plus program. Being a high school student and a college student at the same time is proving to be more work than I expected. I am worried when I actually start going to college how I will be able to juggle a job, classes, picking a major and managing not to get lost when I officially start going to the campus.

People have asked me if I am ready for college or if I’m excited about it and honestly, I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’m worried about a few things but also feel like I will be fine considering I’m getting a head start on college in high school. That will probably change the closer I get to graduating and moving to a campus, though I still don’t quite know how to feel about the whole college experience, I find myself with a few minor concerns.

My concerns aren’t really based on the classes or the work load like you would think a college student’s concerns would be. I’m more concerned about the decisions I would have make, which college to go to, what major to choose, whether or not to live on campus. I’m hoping to go away for college even if it’s just a few hours to get used to living on my own though that could cost a lot of money, money I don’t have. There are so many different decisions I would have to make and that is nerve wracking considering I’m still only a high schooler with no job, or idea on how to live on my own. Being on a large campus can be intimidating and I’m most likely going to get lost, I tend to do that a lot, but if I go somewhere away from home I could be in serious trouble if I get lost and I would have no one to call.

I’m hoping before I actually graduate high school, and head off to college I can ease my nerves on at least a few of these concerns and I will be able to brave college with an excited outlook, not worried about the petty fears. I have a long way to go before I get there and only a year to do it so wish me luck.

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