The Reader I am

So this one is pretty much all about me and how I feel about reading sorry(ish.) I’ll just start out with saying that I am what I would like to consider a big reader, I love reading books all the time, though mostly fiction (everything else bores me.) I mostly read books that have a lot going on like with a confusing plot that pulls your mind in so many different directions, like action, adventure, and mystery. The most recent books I’ve read that I can think of were probably the Maze Runner series which was full of action and had great suspense. This series really makes you sit on the edge of your seat and kept me intrigued throughout the whole thing, beginning to end.

I find that reading stories and books is a great way to spend time. They manage give an escape from reality. I’m often find myself lying, sitting, or even huddled in a corner somewhere with my headphones in my ears as I read a good book. Being in a welcoming environment and blaring music in my ears while I am reading helps me to escape the stress of everyday life and calm myself down from the rough day I previously had. When I read I am transported to a whole new place picturing all the different characters in my head and playing the whole thing out like scenes from a movie. When reading you put yourself in the story with the characters and it feels like you are living the adventure yourself.

Reading takes up a major part in my life and it has helped to shape my personality as I have grown into who I am today, I have expanded my mind in so many ways with new vocabulary and different ways to perceive different situations. These adventures the characters go on which I find myself exploring with them through the words on the page help broaden my perspective on things. When I stop to take the time to think about something I realize that like a book there is more to life than what meets the eye.

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