What My Family Thanksgiving Tradition Really is to Me

In my experience, thanksgiving is a great time of year for many reasons. We get a small break from school, plenty of good food, and time with our families; the biggest and best part is when you actually stop and think about what you are actually thankful for. My favorite and also least favorite tradition of this holiday is when my family are about to eat our Thanksgiving dinner. Every year whether with my big family at my grandparents house or just the five of us at my house we have two pieces of dried corn or candy corn sitting at each place mat. We all go around the table and tell something that we are thankful for for each piece of corn we have.

I have a love/hate relationship with this tradition because everyone always says the same basic answer “family and friends”, myself included. Though after we all respond I sit and actually think why I am thankful for them and what else there is to be thankful for. Within those few minutes you really humble yourself thinking about how much these things effect your life and what you would be like without them. Realizing how dependent you are on them makes you all the more thankful for them and that is the true beauty of thanksgiving. So even though you may feel like you are just using the lame answer everyone else has think about what it means to you or even if it does mean anything to you. You could just be looking for the easy way out or you could take a minute and think about what your so thankful for in a way that you have no clue what you would do without it. This is simply one of my family traditions but it has brought a lot to my family thanksgivings, and hopefully it can become a tradition in your Thanksgivings as well.

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