Tax Saving Funds Online- RR Finance

RR Finance offers tax saving funds means (Equity linked saving scheme) from more than 10 mutual fund companies.

What is tax saving funds?

A tax saving Funds (also called by another name Equity linked Saving Scheme) are a mutual fund scheme qualifies for tax benefits. Tax-saving mutual funds invest in stock markets, surrounded by other assets, and are more suited for investors with standard to high risk appetite.

As per Section 80c of income tax, one single person can invest up to 1.5 lakh in tax saving platform, which will be deductible from their overall total income.

The Benefit of investing money in Tax saving Funds online.

Investment in Equity linked saving scheme has a minimum lock in period. The Locking period is only three years. In this scheme, you can rotate your investment easily after three years. Because of this, you will be spared of fresh investment for tax saving over the three years.