Build Block[chain]s of a Greener Planet

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Imagine walking down a crowded street, when suddenly a meteoroid falls from the sky. As the meteor crashes down, hundreds witness the impact event. In seconds, a polygraph is strapped on to every person who witnessed the episode, obligating them to recount exactly what they saw. Everyone precisely tells the same story, leaving no doubt that the event occurred. This is the fundamental principle behind the blockchain — a distributed ledger of digital events, where trust by consensus is the new compliance.

Blockchain derives its uniqueness from the mechanism it adopts to protect and validate these records, enabling it to…

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Increasing compliance and cybersecurity costs, coupled with rapidly evolving client expectations mean that banks would need to embark on a fundamental transformation that surpasses their prior efforts. This article discusses the challenges facing the banking industry via few examples. The good news is that there is no attempt to entirely replace banks with new technologies killing all intermediaries or third-parties in the value chain. Instead, we are going to explore four ways in which a decentralized “blockless and chainless” computing architecture, the HelixTangle, can usher in a new era of banking.

1. Money Transfer without Banks

In his book, The Fortune at the Bottom of…

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Today’s schools adhere to a century-old ‘factory model’ of education, bequeathed by the industrial revolution. A production-line theory of education might have served the needs of industrial society, but falls short in an exponential era characterized by rapid technological change. Nearly 2 Million students drop out of college each year without earning a degree. A substantial amount of blame should be placed on K-12 schools for producing ill-prepared students.

The future of education starts with fostering the imagination of students at a young age. After all, how can they be certain that the information they receive is timeless wisdom or…

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HBO’s Silicon Valley introduced cryptocurrencies to a mainstream audience by recently airing an episode titled ‘Initial Coin Offering’ (ICO). The storyline was emblematic of the current crypto market, where a fictional Valley startup called Pied Piper decides to ICO as an alternative means of fundraising. In simple terms, ICOs are launched to introduce a new cryptocurrency into the market.

The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has seen numerous ICOs pop up. ICOs have become a fad, with many seeing them as a ticket to quick riches. People were excited by the surging price of cryptos while the market…

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Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) where transactions are recorded in the form of Blocks that are linked cryptographically to form a chain. It is the underlying technology behind many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While Blockchain is a transformative technology that can potentially disrupt a wide range of industries, it is not without its drawbacks.

The HelixTangle represents a block-less and chain-less solution to the world of Distributed Ledger Technologies. It is a next-generation DLT that is based on Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), instead of blocks chained together. …

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A lack of trust and restricted access to consumers became the raison d’être of historically emerged trust entities such as banks. However, these third-parties and intermediaries are often creating monopolistic processes, imposing transaction costs and skimming profits. Inefficiencies in the value creation process have even tolerated, if not fostered corruption and inequities in traditional economic systems.

Through the use of a transparent and distributed database, decentralized-distributed computers on these platforms eliminated the need for intermediaries to verify transactions, and introduced new consensus methods that do not require central authorities for security purposes. …

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