2015, a year of firsts

Ryan Hoover
Jan 4, 2016 · 3 min read

I stick to a routine. Nearly every weekday, I wake up early. Drink Philz. Eat the same things (lots of yogurt, chicken salad, and jerky). Drink too much LaCroix. And go to the gym. Healthy habits are a good thing but a strict regiment can interfere with serendipity.

Fortunately, my 2015 was filled with many firsts — new experiences and memories I’m thankful to have. Here are just a few of them:

First Coachella

Coachella kicked off my renewed love of music. Porter Robinson was the highlight.

First Hike on the Big Island

Hawaii hiking is the best.

This video of my lovely mom was taken with Mindie

First Comic-Con

I’ve never been around that much fanfare. It was a joy, especially the Conan show.

First VIVE VR Experience

Mind. Blown. The VIVE was surprisingly immersive, exciting me for the future of VR in gaming, ecommerce, communications, and more.

First Bubble Man Sighting

Outside Lands, our neighborhood music festival, was so much fun but this dance circle starring Bubble Man, topped the weekend.

Fun fact: we ran into Bubble Man the next weekend. Now we’re Facebook friends.

First Cubes Experience

After the first day of Outside Lands, we wandered into Symmetry Labs’ office to admire their cube lighting tech. The video below is nothing compared to seeing it IRL.

First “Hoverboard” Ride

Thanks, Noah.

Riding a red IO Hawk

First Soulection Show

I fell in ❤ with Soulection this year. It was especially fun to see Andre Power perform on his birthday in LA.

First Late Night with 1/4th of Team Product Hunt

After dinner and karaoke, some of us went to 1015 Folsom to see Hermitude perform. We need more nights like this in 2016, team.

First Airbnb Escape in Topanga, CA

We stayed a night in a small cabin only 15 minutes outside the city and spent the night hiking, cooking, and enjoying the fire inside a 30 foot teepee.

First Walk Down the Venice Canals

LA is a beautiful city, especially Venice Beach and its beautiful canals.


In 2016, I’ll stick with my routines and seek out more firsts. Happy New Year, everyone. 🎉

P.S. Respond with a few of your 2015 firsts below. 😊

Ryan Hoover

Written by

Founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund investor. Follow at @rrhoover.

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