Introducing Product Hunt Collections

Since we began featuring curated collections of products (e.g. Design Tools, Uber for X products, iOS 8 Keyboards) many of you have asked to create your own.

Several have asked for a way to bookmark things to try later.

Many of you save your favorite product discoveries to a categorized Trello board:

And long-time product hunter, Geoffrey Weg, wrote a blog post about this:

So, I’m pretty confident many of you will be jazzed by today’s release of Product Hunt Collections. Now you can easily:

  • Bookmark products you love or want to try later.
  • Curate and share your own collection of GIF Apps, Marketing Tools, or “X for Y” products.
  • Personalize your collections with a fancy hero image. Pro tip: GIFs are supported.

Take a Peek at these Collections

Here are a few new collections curated by some awesome people:

  • collection TBD
  • collection TBD
  • collection TBD
  • collection TBD
  • collection TBD
  • collection TBD

Let’s Go Hunting

Want to create your own Collection? We provided a couple default collections to get started but feel free to create your own.

Simply click the Collections icon to add a product to a new or existing collection. Once added, you will find a list of your beautiful collections on your user profile. If you want to make them fancy, customize each collection with a hero image.

What’s Next

We have some improvements in the works, including the ability to add any product (not just those already on Product Hunt) to your collections, better discovery of community-created collections, and more ;). I bet you already have a few good ideas, so please share.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We’ll be featuring the best, most creative collections in the Product Hunt email digest and on the site, so make us proud.

Happy hunting. ☺