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Ryan Hoover
Jan 26, 2015 · 2 min read

Last week’s largest Product Hunt meetup, in tweets, photos, and animated GIFs.

Last week we hosted the largest Product Hunt meetup yet in San Francisco. Over 3.7k people RSVP’d, four times more than our last happy hour. We anticipated a good turnout but this exceeded our expectations:

Sorry to those that didn’t make it in (we’ll find a bigger venue next time!)

I enjoyed meeting so many familiar and new faces on 620 Jones’ rooftop terrace. The free cookies from Doughbies was a nice touch and people seemed to enjoy PHHHOTO’s animated GIF photo booth:

Here are more photos taken by our friends at Eversnap:

We’ve built several relationships with awesome people through online interactions on Product Hunt, Twitter, email, etc., but it doesn’t compare to meeting in real life. It’s fun to gather product-loving people together offline and we encourage people in the community to organize their own event in their city.

Last year, thousands of product hunters met up at 49 community-organized meetups across the from Vancouver to Amsterdam to Tokyo. If you’re interested in leading an event, please let us know and take a peek at Daryna’s fantastic how-to.

If you have any creative suggestions for our next meetup, shoot me a note here or on Twitter (@rrhoover) and for those feeling FOMO, check out our meetups page for a list of upcoming events, happening across the globe. ☺

P.S. BIG thanks to Aerospike, Mandrill, Nitro, and PHHHOTO for sponsoring the event.

    Ryan Hoover

    Written by

    Founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund investor. Follow at @rrhoover.

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