There’s a Topic for that

Ryan Hoover
2 min readMar 22, 2016

As the Product Hunt community’s grown, the diversity of things submitted has expanded. Today we released Topics, a new way to discover and share things on Product Hunt. There are Topics for all kinds of things…

Drones, Slack, Health and Fitness, Emojis, Cats, Pranking, Dating, and even Trump.

How it works

Topics are curated by the entire community to keep them up-to-date and comprehensive of all the cool things people are creating. Adding something to a Topic is easy peasy:

There are a ton of radical retro ASCII products (° ͜ʖ°)

You can follow Topics to find the newest and best within a particular interest. Topics you follow will soon influence your homepage so you don’t miss something you’ll love.

We’re starting with 300 Topics and soon you’ll be able to suggest new ones to add.

Some backstory

Last year we saw many people in the community using various tools to “bookmark” things they found on Product Hunt. People like Russ:

So, we introduced Collections, a simple way to save and curate things on Product Hunt. We now have nearly 100,000 Collections curating over 500,000 products, apps, games, books, and podcasts.

Collections are super useful but over the past year we noticed a few more interesting behaviors:

  1. People want to add to Collections (for example).
  2. People often create Collections on the same subject (here are dozens of collections of design tools).

Topics are curated by the entire community, not just one person. Duplicate Topics don’t exist. For example, there can be only one “Design Tools” Topic so that it becomes the single canonical destination for the latest and best within that particular interest.

That said, Collections aren’t going anywhere and still have a useful purpose, as a place to store and share your favorite things with others.

Start exploring

Thanks again to everyone that kicked the tires and sent us feedback during our private beta this past week. Please, keep sending us your ideas — we tweet at @ProductHunt and strive for inbox zero at

But first, follow and explore some Topics. 😊



Ryan Hoover

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