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Last week we launched Product Hunt LIVE, a place to chat with amazing founders, authors, artists, entertainers, game creators, and makers. 28 LIVE chats later, here are some of the fun questions and answers surfaced in the community.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Businessman, family man, and CEO of VaynerMedia

You have so many accomplishments and so much to be proud of. What’s something you’re _not_ proud of, professionally or personally? — Erik Torenberg

That I didn’t invest enough time in my marriages the first 5 years. Lizzie and I had a lot of time together before kids and I left 2 vacations of year and 10 weekends a year on the table and chose to work instead. I hate myself for it and regret it.

Adam Lisagor

Mostly a director and the founder of production company, Sandwich Video

You seem to be able to distill complex businesses into really simple ideas and explain them clearly. How can founders explain their startups the way you do in your videos? — Aaron Taylor

Thank you, Aaron. If you were to ask me what is the value I provide, I’d say what you just said. So it’s not an easy thing to do, but it comes down to this: scrub your mind of all your experience of your product. Then learn about it again from the ground up. What confused you along the way? What adjustments did you have to make to get yourself past each barrier to understanding? What parts of it did you respond to the most, and would you be able to recreate for someone else to receive the same value as you did?

Remember that no one understands your product like you do, so put yourself in their position and relearn it from scratch. That’s how the world will be introduced to your product, and fall in love with it the way you did. (Hopefully.)

Amanda Palmer

Performer, writer, giver, taker, yeller, listener, love-lover, rule-hater and author of The Art of Asking

I wanted to know how you do time management when it comes to your art, music, everything. As a creative who just finished school, it is difficult for me to organize when I no longer have the structure of school to guide me. — Claribel Tejeda

It never ceases being a bitch, frankly. I’ve overdone and underdone it for years and i think the key ingredient is to be forgiving about the fact that when you’re a self-employed artist, you’re basically NEVER going to get it right. you’re always going to feel like you’re slacking or overworking yourself, and as long as you can forgive yourself and carry on, that’s fine. oh, and lists help. real paper ones, that you can cross shit off and feel satisfied. i make daily lists (answer this person! tweet this shit! finish this song!) and sometime big-ass long-term lists (clean up my email inbox! fix my fucking website! find inner peace!). it’s amazing how it can help just LOOKING at what you think you have to do.

Tony Robbins

Nations #1 Life and Business Strategist, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

What does your daily routine look like — how do you get the day started right and still hold positive sustainability to the end of day? — Maria Gosu

I start every day by jumping in freezing cold water! :) In all my homes I either have a cold plunge that I keep at 56 degrees. Or here in Sun Valley, where I am now, I have the river, which I jump in even in the winter! I do this as a daily practice, as a discipline to make my mind know that when I say I’m going to do something, I do it now! No matter how difficult it may seem. It also has amazing physical value for the body. Every cell, nerve, muscle in your body, pumps like crazy when you make that radical of a temperature change. It moves your lymph and makes you ready for anything. Completely invigorating.

Brit Morin

Founder & CEO of Brit + Co, author of Homemakers

What is the hardest thing about running Brit + Co? And where/how do you find the inspiration to push through the tough stuff? — Corley

There’s a new hard thing every day. But I suppose the *hardest* is knowing that the vision in my head for the business can’t be achieved for several years. It’s an iterative process that takes a step at a time. Andy Dunn, founder of Bonobos, claims that most great brands take 10 years to build, which I think is true. You have to put in the time and learn every step of the way to truly build a community that lasts.

Kevin Kelly

Founding Executive Editor of Wired magazine and author of The Silver Cord

Kevin, in an interview once you said something like: “You really don’t want to a billionaire. I know a lot of them. You don’t want that life.” What are the risks/costs/downsides of being super wealthy as you see it? And what’s the ideal amount of money to have? — Ben Casnocha

Success makes it hard for a person to move away from a local peak onto whatever newer and higher has come along. If you have a billion dollars, those dollars demand attention and energy that takes away attention from something small, and marginal — but the next big thing. You might think a billion dollars would make one more risk friendly, but it usually does the opposite. And if you are a good person, the weight and duty of being responsible with the billions you have becomes a burden. And then it almost becomes criminal to pass that burden onto your kids. So what do you do with it, but pay more attention to the billions. It is very hard not to have it run your life.

Mark Suster

2x Entrepreneur turned VC and General Partner at LA-based Upfront Ventures

You have so much to be proud of, but what’s something you’re not proud of and what did you learn from it? — Erik Torenberg

Every time I lose my temper I’m not proud. I can sometimes be a “hot head” and I always regret it 10 minutes afterward. I’ve learned over the years to try and not react immediately when I’m angry and that’s helped a lot. But sometimes I can’t help myself. So … every now and again I feed the trolls on Twitter and shouldn’t :)

Ben Rubin

The humble founder and CEO of Meerkat

Most Startups don’t pivot and fail, but you did twice keeping the same concept until it paid off. Did you ever doubt? — Charles Vinette

So it all comes back to being honest with yourself. if you have a real vision that you are *truly* passionate about, and *truly* believe that is not achieved in the way *you* want it to be yet, you will be able to get your team excited, and be able to set your ego aside, reduce burn rate, make hard decisions and keep learning & iterating.

Veronica Belmont

TV host, podcaster, and writer

How did you get to be so awesome, and has anyone ever quantified your level of awesome?? — Baratunde

I believe the measurement is done in burritos, so I’m approximately 33 burritos worth of awesome.

This was fun. Let’s do it again next week. :)

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(and dozens of others)

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