Turn your side project into a company. Introducing Weekend Build.

  • They allow people to explore ideas that might seem silly, tapping into unfound market opportunities.
  • Side project builders are often inspired with a strong desire to solve a personal problem or explore a space they’re deeply passionate about. These intrinsic qualities make building more fun and motivating to pursue long-term.

Our findings

The Weekend Build experiment

  • Help people make progress quickly to a point when they’re ready to turn their side project into a company.
  • Build trust and accountability among an ambitious, creative group of founders around the world.
  • Improve outcomes by introducing builders to some of the world’s strongest operators to gather feedback and assistance.
  • Support in all the other business building activities that go into operating a company.



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Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover


Founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund investor. Follow at @rrhoover.