Modern Gurukul in India

Tula’s International a Modern Gurukul

With its objectives of turning young students into balanced, analytical people and to provide an ambience where education is balanced and rewarding, Rishabh Educational Trust established Tula’s International School. The campus is situated in the beautiful city of Dehradun where natural beauty creates such an environment which is most suitable for studies. Tula’s International School displays the perfect merger of academic knowledge and co curricular activities. The school is ranked among the top most CBSE boarding school in Dehradun. The school provides co educational residential academic programme in its curriculum. The school is well known for its day structure which covers both academic and co curricular activities.

World Class learning facilities in Modern Gurukul

The school aims to create the Modern Gurukul system of education in their curriculum. The ancient Indian Gurukul system is a time tested, organised and secular education system. According to this system of education, students live in close proximity of the teacher, where he gets the opportunity to look after mental, spiritual and physical wellness of the students. In the 21st century, TIS believes that students should have discipline, creativity, right attitude, empathy, and strong moral values in them. To make this possible, the school works on the principles of Gurukul system of education along with the modern culture.

Internal View of Tula’s International

In today’s world, bookish knowledge is not sufficient to bring the clarity of concepts. TIS believes that students must be open towards the practical experiments where they can get in-depth understanding of the concepts. The school has its laboratories which are equipped with latest technology and instruments. The students perform various activities in the labs under the supervision of expert faculties. The campus has laboratories for biology, physics, and chemistry, computer department and IT centre. The experienced faculty of the campus ensure proper attention towards each and every student. TIS has replaced the tradition classroom studies to digital workstation for each subject. This makes education easy and interesting for the students. To ensure individual attention, the school has small teacher student ratio.

Library of Modern Gurukul

Tula International School pays equal importance towards co curricular activities. Students are given platform to showcase their hidden talent. Music and Dance forms the part of regular academic curriculum. These activities gives relax to the minds of students and they get an edge over their talent. The campus has team of experienced professionals who teach students about variety of musical instruments. TIS has Art & Craft workstation named as “Colours”, which provide medium to display creativity of the students. Portrait painting, clay modelling, sketching, crafts, madhubani painting, and creative sculptures are few pursuits which students learn in this workstation. The campus aims to develop such an environment where students can think out of box and can convert their imagination to creativity. To make this possible to great extent, the campus has setup various clubs and societies for different co curricular activities. Bookworm, Potter’s Wheel, Raga Rocks, The circuit, and Khana Khazana are few clubs which are functioning on regular basis.

Laboratories in Modern School
Sports Facilities in Modern Guruukul
Badminto nand Volleyball court

Tula International School aims to develop the sense of global responsibility in its students. The school prepares the students to face global challenges and hold global citizenships. The school has a section of foreign language learning in its academic curriculum. At present, school is offering German, Spanish and French classes to its students. Apart from this, the school has wide range of exchange programme for the students between Germany and many countries in the world. Tula’s International School has fully fledged program to develop students into professional athletes who can make their mark in sporting events across the globe. The school has facility for both indoor and outdoor activities. Cricket, Football, Squash, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Shooting, Volleyball, Swimming, Horse Riding and Cycling are few sports which are performed on regular basis. These sports activities develop physical strength among the students.

Painting competition in Modern Gurukul
Yoga in Modern Gurukul

Tula International School has covered all aspects to develop the student into such a personality who can excel in all field of life. The school makes education journey of the student full of knowledge, entertainment and challenge tasks. The environment which school creates for the student displays the perfect combination of academic and extracurricular activities. All these efforts have resulted in framing the promising future of the student and have marked the TIS among the top CBSE School of the Uttarakhand.

Auditorium of Modern Gurukul