Three Pictures I’ve Taken That Mean The Most

This is probably my favorite picture I have taken, because it was candid. My Aunt has been in a custody battle for years. This picture was taken when they got to her house to spend Christmas with her having not seen her since the summer. The embrace lasted a while, and I thought that it was such a beautiful moment I needed to capture it.

While this photo is not the best quality picture, it’s one of my favorites because of the reasoning behind me taking it. I was taking a walk with my friends when I saw the American flag in a dumpster. Emotion, mainly anger, immediately filled me and so I snapped this shot. I wanted to see if this photo would invoke in others an emotional response as well.

I took this photo when I was sixteen. I had gotten this car maybe a month or two before this photo was taken. I lost control of my car and rolled it down into a 20+ foot ravine and both my passenger and I had only a few scratches and bruises. Even now looking at this photo makes me remember my accident in clear detail.

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